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Hello and Welcome!

I am happy to welcome you to my challenger site, which contains my challenge books & TV shows, my speaking  business and my support to others as a life coach – all based on my challenge experiences of the past and present.

Are you struggling to feel happy and satisfied in your personal life, relationships or career? As your life coach, we will work together as a team to develop a personal plan that will help you reach your full potential, resolving problems in your personal life, strengthening your relationship with others, making decisions regarding your professional advancement, achieving health and finding emotional balance.

As your personal Challenge Coach, I have a different approach to support my clients than a general life coach would have: My clients in Boulder & Denver and around the world are encouraged to leave their comfort zone to face their personal challenges. This leads to personal growth and finally to overcome the personal challenges. I might make you work hard, but I do have a high success rate in change!

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Live Your Dreams!

My personal goals may not be your goals, but through them I have learned that anything is possible. Behind every one of my successes is a detailed and strategic plan that I have developed over many years. A plan that can help you reach your goals in life and fulfill your dreams: The Michael Wigge Challenger Concept (MWCC)!

This plan can help you if you are struggling in any of the following areas:

Through MWCC I was able to reach my personal dreams – and so can you! Let me support you as your personal life coach to start change!

I have traveled to Antarctica with no money, traded an apple for a house in Hawaii, crossed Germany on a razor scooter, and explored major European cities blindfolded. These TV programs and books gave me incredible international recognition and a lifetime of experiences. I feel blessed to call Boulder near Denver in beautiful Colorado my current hometown and dream place to live. Life coaching and motivational speaking are my dream professions. You can live all your dreams, too!

Yet, life once looked very different for me. Stage fright kept me from seizing opportunities: the panic that comes with the fear of rejection, the lack of confidence in my abilities, the uncertainty of the unknown. These were persistent obstacles that kept me from fulfilling my goals and achieving my dreams.

What Makes Me Qualified To Be Your Life Coach?

Through my challenges I have achieved extreme goals and lived out my dreams, despite the fact that I had to conquer the demons that were set in place to hold me back: My fear of public speaking, my lack of confidence, and my fear of rejection.

Fortunately I was able to overcome those obstacles by creating virtue out of vice, coaching myself to overcome fear, negative thinking patterns, and personal obstacles.

The result?

Living a happy and fulfilling life and continuing to search the horizon for new and interesting experiences that lie ahead.

If you are ready to begin working toward a life where you can feel satisfied, successful and supported – or if you have additional questions about Life coaching – I encourage you to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

I provide life coaching for clients in Colorado’s Front Range and from around the world. Consultations and sessions can be conducted in person at my Boulder, CO office close to Denver or by phone and through Skype.

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