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Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge

Motivational Speaking

Michael Wigge can be booked for motivational speaking by the industry, by institutions, and by colleges all over the U.S. and Canada.

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Hawaii Challenge

By |21.08.2016|Career, Dating, General, Health, Personal Development, Travel|

Hawaii Challenge and 50 States of Wigge End! I have made it to Hawaii to face a Hawaii Challenge. 50 States of Wigge is done, over, finished! Yooohoo. Here the facts -50 states -38 days, 12 less than I was allowed to do -50 challenges -incredible experiences in New England, in the Midwest, in the [...]

Glacier Challenge

By |21.08.2016|General, Travel|

Alaska - first time in my life, yooohooo, to face a glacier challenge. Basically I flew here from Seattle after driving 14,000 miles across the U.S. with it's 48 states on the mainland.  It feels very good to not drive anymore... Glacier Challenge We all know that we shouldn't stick our tongue to any metal [...]

Rain Challenge

By |21.08.2016|General, Travel|

I am in the state of Washington to face a rain challenge. This state is known to be one of the rainiest place in the U.S. But what's going on? Sunny everywhere... Rain Challenge I am not allowed to move on before I haven't caught some rain. What can I do in this tricky situation? [...]

Party Challenge in Boring

By |21.08.2016|General, Personal Development, Travel|

I am in Oregon to face a party challenge in Boring. Yes, the town of Boring seems not to be the kind of huge party place. So let's face this challenge in this town close to Portland. Party Challenge in Boring Having a party here is not easy because I am tired and on my [...]

Touch Donald Trump Challenge

By |20.08.2016|General, Travel|

I am in California and I have just visited a Donald Trump rally to face a Touch Donald Trump challenge! This challenge is a bit tricky since about 3,000 of his followers had the same goal and many of them didn't mind to fight for their goal.... Touch Donald Trump Challenge I have made it [...]

Yosemite Oldest Tree Challenge

By |19.08.2016|Career, Dating, General, Health, Personal Development, Travel|

I am in Yosemite to face a Yosemite oldest tree challenge. Many know that this incredible and amazing park has some of the oldest sequoia trees in the entire country. Yosemite Oldest Tree Challenge So can I find the oldest and biggest tree of the entire park? The sequoias are up to 3,000 years old [...]

Gambling Challenge

By |19.08.2016|Career, Dating, General, Health, Personal Development, Travel|

VIVA Las Vegas to face a gambling challenge. Sure, Vegas is the place to be if you want to win a million. My challenge really is related to that kind of goal! Gambing Challenge Ok, maybe I won't make a million, but maybe at least ten bucks? Let's watch the video and find out. 50 [...]

Grand Canyon Running Challenge

By |18.08.2016|Career, General, Personal Development, Travel|

Grand Canyon Running Challenge I have been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to face a Grand Canyon running challenge. Check out the video to see me completely destroyed, this was the toughest day of the trip. Here the video. Yours 50 state of Wigge from Arizona. Challenge

Latino Challenge

By |18.08.2016|Career, Dating, General, Health, Personal Development, Travel|

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico to face a Latino challenge because every second person here is Latino or has a Latino background. So, what kind of Latino challenge? It's political. The Latino Challenge I am wondering what they think about Donald Trump who doesn't come across too Latino friendly. Do they all hate him? Check [...]

Weight Loss Challenge

By |18.08.2016|Career, Dating, General, Health, Personal Development, Travel|

Hallo from Colorado to face a weight loss challenge. Why? Colorado is known to be the U.S. state with the least obese people in the entire country. Yes, the people are so slim that you sometimes can't even see them - almost... Weight Loss Challenge So I have to lose some weight before leaving this [...]