Change Management

Do You Want to Be a Better Leader in Boulder, Denver or nationwide?

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills? Do you feel good about where you are, but also know you have to grow in order to succeed with your business?

Successful leadership requires a host of qualities. You have to be decisive, thrive on change without losing composure, be helpful and listen while pushing those you supervise to take on bigger challenges, all while making sure your business succeeds.

Having a executive coach for change management at your side can give you new perspective and help you see what many leaders have a tendency to overlook. In two 60-minute sessions a month, we will clarify your pain points, set performance goals, and create an action plan to create the future you want for you and your company. Having that kind of clarity not only gives you a game plan for the future, but also greatly reduces stress and provides a source of energy for you and your team.

How Do I Help as Executive Coach on Change Management?

Between each conversation-based leadership coaching session, my clients do fieldwork. This is where the rubber meets the road and you put what we have discussed into action. Let’s say you find online meetings difficult to lead, in that case we would formulate challenges to address that. Growth never happens until you leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself in new ways. “Challenge for Change” is the attitude that makes great leaders and helps them leave an impact on their world. My clients in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide via Skype all embrace this challenge-for-change mentality.

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How am I Qualified to Be an Executive Coach for Change Management?

I am a serial entrepreneur who started as a TV host for MTV in 2002. I set up my television production company in 2005 and produced TV shows such as How to Travel the World for Free for PBS. I have personally hosted all of my programs staying true to one common theme: Leave your comfort zone to grow. I have been leading my “Challenge for Change” speaking and leadership coaching programs since 2011. My most popular keynote addresses are “7 Secret to Sales Success” and “4 Keys of Leadership Success”.

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