Sales Consultant

Are You Looking for a Sales Consultant?

Are you looking to learn new sales strategies with a sales consultant? Do you want to improve your sales figures and learn more about customer service and the sales world in general? Are you starting a business or wanting to expand your existing business?

As a sales consultant in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide via Skype, I take great joy in helping businesses succeed with winning sales strategies. I can help you analyze your business model, review your marketing and sales techniques, and develop growth strategies that will take your business to the next level.

How Do I Coach?

Twice a month I offer two 60-minute sales coaching intensives. I use these conversations to help you define your sales goals and reflect on your current business activities. What has worked well? What hasn’t? Why are you where you are today? What can you do better?

Through these deep-dive conversations, we establish an action plan for how to improve your sales strategies and explore new markets. As your sales consultant I want you to become a sales scientist, taking responsibility for impacting your company’s revenue with courage and determination. Do you know how to make a sale asking just three questions? (Yes, it’s one of the techniques I share.)

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Is It Just Talk?

Our conversations together are crucial for getting a perspective on your business and identifying the essential areas for change—but the real difference is made in the “fieldwork” we determine is necessary between sessions. These are the challenges that move the needle for your business whether I coach you in person in Boulder or Denver, or nationwide via Skype.

Fieldwork could be implementing new sales strategies, exploring new markets, or changing the way you relate with your customers. It might also be researching your competitors, revamping your marketing, or even extending your product line to better respond to what customers tell you they need.

What Qualifies Me To Be a Sales Consultant?

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for more than 15 years. In 2002, I started as a television news anchor in Germany for MTV. In 2005, I set up my own TV production company to create programs such as How to Travel the World for Free for PBS. I started my MWCC speaking and sales coaching business in 2011. My keynote presentations include “The 7 Secrets of Sales Success” and “The 4 keys of Leadership Success”.

Feel free to contact me for a complimentary 20-minute consultation to improve your sales strategies as your sales consultant in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide via Skype.

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