Career Change

Is It Time for a Career Change?

Are you unhappy with your current job? Do you like what you do, but have questions about doing it for the company you work for?

Is your professional life lacking the passions and interests that keep you motivated?

Do you wish you could start your career all over again? To make things fresh and new, tied to better values and more in tune with the life you really want to live? Or is it time to leave the corporate world and launch out on your own?

As a personal career coach, I’ve helped hundreds successfully move towards the lives and careers they really want. I know how to help you create a happy professional life, because I’ve always made sure my own career reflects my deepest passions—whether as a TV host, travel reporter, author, speaker, or coach. I love what I am doing and I’d love to show you how to do the same as your career coach: You can live the professional life of your dreams!

How Does Career Coaching Work?

I offer two 60-minute career coaching sessions per month in Denver and Boulder, or nationwide via Skype. Two sessions a month are usually a perfect rhythm to get you in the right mindset and moving towards rapid career changes.

Career coaching sessions are conversational. Using my goal-oriented questions, I help you uncover the key components to living the life you have always wanted, clearing away the clutter and confusion that have—up until now—held you back.

Let me help you clarify the career change you really want, define your professional goals, build a career development action plan, and overcome any obstacles keeping your from the career changes you seek!

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Just Talking?

Do two career coaching sessions a month seem like too little? Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret: Real career change happens in the professional challenges we identify for you to tackle between our talks. My clients from Boulder, Denver, and online nationwide usually spend a couple hours between each career coaching conversation focused on the challenges and work that will take them to the next level. This work is so important, because if you never leave your professional comfort zone, you will never experience the career growth you need to reach your goals.

This might mean researching new employers, looking at what you need to start your own business, tackling that challenging conversation with your boss, or finally making that presentation in front of your firm that you know is key to your next promotion.

What Qualifies Me to Be Your Career Coach?

As a trained coach, bestselling author, and globally recognized challenge seeker, I have helped people from around the world change careers to live a happier and more fulfilled professional life. Based on my popular challenge books and TV shows, the MWCC career coaching methods have proven to be extremely successful. I have put them to the test in my own professional struggles—so whatever your career challenges, I can help you overcome them.

Feel free to contact me anytime for a complementary 20-minute career coaching consultation in Boulder, Denver, nationwide by phone or via Skype. I am happy to listen to your unique career change challenges and suggest how we might overcome them together.

Challenge for Change in Boulder, Denver and nationwide! Yours, Michael Wigge

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