Career Counseling

Are You Dissatisfied with Your Career? Do You Need a Qualified Career Counselor to Help You Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Are you seeking new challenges in your professional life that reflect your experiences, qualifications, and personality?

Do you feel unhappy in your current job, but fear and uncertainty keep you from making a change?

Career Counseling can help you overcome these obstacles and give you the confidence you need to create the change you seek.

I offer two 60-minute conversation-based career counseling sessions per month. These are solution-oriented discussions geared to support you in getting clear about what you need to change in your professional life to achieve your overall career goals.

Is It All Talk?

Between counseling sessions, I assign specific fieldwork. This is where the real change takes place. It could be actively writing applications for new jobs, researching opportunities for self-employment, exploring certain industries, or talking to your boss about an issue you’ve been avoiding.

Conflicts, lack of passion, and too much pressure at work can lead to depression and frustration—and even negatively influence your personal relationships.

Take your career and life to the next level by investing in a career counselor.

Find out more about my career counseling services in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide online to begin creating the life you long for today!

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What Qualifies Me to Be Your Career Counselor?

I am a fully trained coach and have successfully launched several businesses as a serial entrepreneur. I have helped people navigate their career challenges to live a more happy professional life from all around the globe. Based on my popular challenge books and TV shows, the MWCC coaching concept has proven transformational for thousands of people. I have put it to the test in my own career struggles—so whatever your challenges, I can help you overcome them!

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