Hi everyone,

Who actually knows the expression digital nomad? I have just learned it this year, although I would consider myself a digital nomad for at least 15 years. A digital nomad lives a very flexible lifestyle, which allows him or her to move around from Tokyo to Paris and maybe back to Buenos Aires, while working and earning money. The digital revolution has made it possible for certain professions to live like this and not go to a certain time to a certain place to work.
I have worked as a TV reporter and book author since 2003 back in Germany. There I already had immense freedom to move around as long I appeared at certain TV networks and publishing houses once in a while to proof that I am still around.

But in 2013, I decided to move to the U.S. (Colorado, yoohoo :-)) and to extend my field of work to become a motivational speaker and life coach. I give my speeches in Europe and here in the U.S. and I have to fly around to make these jobs happen. But with my coaching business I am absolutely flexible, since I coach my clients besides my Boulder office via skype, facetime, and phone. Basically I can be back in Europe and continue coaching my U.S. clients.

Maybe I am going to move to Spain or Antarctica one day without damaging my business. (Do they actually have internet in Antarctica?)
Currently, Tim from Berlin booked me as his career coach, since he’s in the process to change from being an IT employee to become a digital nomad. Where is he going to build his next online shop, in Tokyo, in India or maybe her in the Rocky Mountains? Noone knows yet, but he will have all the choices in the world.
But such a professional shift can cause fear and concern. Will he make enough money? How will his work flow be abroad? Will he find enough clients while having a cocktail at Copacabana beach in Rio?

That’s why I lead him through this process, inspire him about the advantages he will have, build up a strategy plan and support him best possible – to live his dreams! And he will…
Believe me, the internet, free calls worldwide, and sending data via servers, are just three things that made a flexible work lifestyle for many people possible.
If you got any questions about my career coaching, feel free to contact me and feel free to check out my carrer coach page www.my-challenge-coach.com/en/wordpress/career-coach

Maybe you like to be a digital nomad, too?

Greetings from the Rockies,
Michael Wigge