My last blog has been dealing with life purpose as a part of a fulfilled and happy life. Today I like to share my thoughts on gratitude for happiness.

Looking back at my earlier life, I think I have not been the most grateful person ever. I remember that I was not always appreciating great things in my life. Actually I was lucky to have grown up in Germany, one of the leading industrial countries with an awesome social system and health care. I was able to earn money before graduating from high school and already traveling to other countries at the age of 16, and I received an incredible education. But my attitude was rather ‘well ok’.

Well ok‘, I ask myself nowadays? There was so much I could have been grateful about but I didn’t see it. Luckily my intense travels around the world to about 80 countries have brought many aspects of life and thinking to me, also gratitude. At one stage I realized that gratitude is a choice we make. Nowadays I recognize that the country, the education and the possibilities I had were so good. I am grateful for them.

How to develop more gratitude?

Basically I came across a simple exercise called ‘what went well?’. Each evening I started looking back to the day that just passed and you I asked nyself ‘What went well’? When I first started this exercise I remember saying to myself ‘well nothing really went well, all normal’. But then I discovered that the beautiful weather was something to be grateful about, the great food, the friends, the job, the life I lived were all good. Nowadays, I look back on a daily basis and I find at least ten things to be grateful about.

And this has made me appreciate life so much more. I just feel much happier.

Fun Easter

Fun Easter – a reason to be grateful

What went well yesterday?

On Easter Sunday I just went on a ski trip with a great group of friends from Denver, the ski resort was amazing, the barbeque we had was pretty cool, we had this sharp blue ski, and all my friends were so nice  to hang out with (check out the photo). The same evening, I was able to work out, to buy some dinner in Boulder, meet more great people, sleep in a nice place I am living in, to have good breakfast the morning after and so on. I am really grateful to be here and have all these opportunities. I would never again live this luxury without gratitude because it feels like wasting the beauty of the world. Thanks for everything.

Actually I have been living in the U.S. for more than two years now and this culture has brought gratitude even closer to me. So traveling to other cultures always shows you more aspects of life…

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Grateful, Michael 🙂