The Pizza Challenge

I have reached my second of 50 States today: New Hamshire where I have to face a pizza challenge. The ride from Maine was awsome along the white mountains (yes, they really are white) and along beautiful New England architecture of the 18. and 19. century.

I have reached the pretty town of Littleton this morning after 500 miles of driving since starting in New York City.

New Hamshire is named (by myself) as the pizza state, because it has the highest density of pizza restaurants in the entire country. What’s going on? Everybody just eats pizza all day? And why? Do people in chilly north east need warm pizza for their happiness?

Statistically there are 3-4 pizza restaurants per 10, 000 inhabitants! Littleton even has four pizza places for its 5,000 people. I am intruiged by New Hamshire and its pizza passion. My pizza challenge: Do people rather take a $20 present or a warm pizza? Are they really that pizza crazy?

Here the video summary of the day:

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