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Are You Struggling To Find Or Maintain Healthy Relationships? A Dating Coach Can Help

We all deal with different relationships, with friends, with family members, at work, and with the loved one.

Do you feel lonely or self-conscious when you are in those relationships? Are you confused and uncertain about how to start dating? Have you been through countless online matches and dates, but feel like you aren’t any closer to finding a suitable partner? Maybe difficulties communicating have left you feeling anxious, misunderstood or self-conscious. You may feel too shy to talk to someone you are interested in or to express yourself clearly. Perhaps you are already in a relationship, but arguments, jealousy and mistrust have you worried that you may be losing a part of yourself or your independence. Alternately, you may avoid bringing up your needs or wants with your partner out of fear it will end in an argument or create more unspoken tension. Do you wish you could feel happy in a committed, healthy relationship with someone you love?

Struggling in relationships? A Dating Coach Can Help

A Dating Coach Can Help You Understand What You Want And Need In A Partner

Whether you are struggling to find “the right one” or coping with conflict or tension with your current partner, relationship challenges can quickly leave you feeling unloved and even hopeless. As part of my international television career as a professional challenge seeker (PBS, The Tonight Show), I traveled to 80 countries in 10 years, dealing with different cultures, people and relationship styles.

I have experienced the ups and downs of relationships myself, but with each move I had to form new relationships in a new environment, and I discovered that there is no one size fits all solution to relationship or dating challenges. But, what I have discovered over the years is that by finding self-love and understanding the kind of partner you want, you can learn to foster healthy, lasting relationships.

How Do I Qualify?

During my 15 years as a professional challenge seeker I learned that having a strategic plan – and the willingness to push yourself – is the most important contributor to success. In my three years as a professional life and dating coach I have seen that the answer to every challenge is available inside of you – if you are willing to do the work to discover it. With my help and by applying my Challenger Concept (MWCC), you can find your passion, create a plan and practice the skills you need to enter into and maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

I provide relationship coaching for clients from around the world, and consultations and sessions can be conducted in person at my Boulder, CO office near Denver, by phone or through Skype.

You Can Be In A Healthy, Happy Relationship

If you are ready to find a healthy, lasting relationship where you feel happy, loved and supported – or if you have additional questions about working with a relationship & dating coach – I invite you to schedule a complementary 20-minute consultation.

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Many Individuals Face Relationship Challenges

Establishing long-lasting, healthy relationships is a challenge almost everyone struggles with. The pressures from personal, professional and social obligations and expectations can create conflict in relationships. Additionally, as dating has increasingly shifted from physical to online interactions, our perception of dating – how to meet and be with someone – has changed. The rising number of singles in our society and an increase in the number of dating sites can make it feel like it shouldn’t be so difficult to find someone. As a result, challenges you face while dating or with your partner may leave you questioning your own ability to find a partner and be successful in a relationship.

Regardless of your dating and/or relationship challenges, there is help and hope. A professional relationship & dating coach can help you learn how to find and foster a healthy, meaningful connection. You can feel and give love and find the support and relationship you’re seeking.

As your personal Challenge Coach, I have a different approach to support my clients than many other rleationship & dating coaches have: My clients are encouraged to leave their comfort zone to face their personal challenges. This leads to personal growth and to finally overcome the personal challenges. I might make you work hard, but I do have a high success rate in change!

In sessions, I can provide guidance and support as you become more aware of what you love and need – as an individual and in a relationship. Through personal reflection and increased self-awareness, you can begin to gain self-love and self-confidence, setting yourself up for happier, more successful dates and relationships. As we begin our work together, I can help you feel motivated and inspired, leaving each session with new ideas about how you can heal and strengthen your relationships.

Once you can recognize your passion and the type of person you want to be with, we can begin building a solution-oriented strategy to help you achieve your personal and relationship goals. When you wish to change a relationship or the status of a relationship, it often means you will need to work on self-love. Before you can love your partner and feel confident in your relationship, you must be able to understand and love yourself. Depending on your relationship goals, we may leave the office to work on your level of expectations and practice new dating and relationship skills in the real world. By keeping some humor and lightheartedness in this practice, you can learn to stretch your comfort zone at your own pace while still feeling safe and supported.

If you are interested in working with a relationship & dating coach but your location or schedule won’t allow for us to meet in person, I offer the same level of personalized support through online coaching. By meeting with a dating coach online, you can learn the dating and relationship skills you need while working around your schedule. I have provided dating and relationship coaching for local clients in Boulder, CO and Denver, and for national and international clients via Skype and phone.

But you may still have questions or concerns about working with a dating coach…

My partner thinks a relationship & dating coach will turn me against him/her.

This is a common concern. I suggest communicating to your partner that relationship & dating coaching is a step you are taking to try and improve things. This isn’t about exclusion, but about improving self and the relationship. When one member is able to better understand and improve his/her communication, it can make the relationship more enjoyable and supportive. And if your partner would like, he/she is welcome to attend sessions.

I’m too embarrassed about my dating struggles to see a relationship & dating coach.

It can often feel like everyone around you has found their perfect match. But, most individuals go through a wide variety of relationship challenges before finding someone who makes them feel loved, supported and safe. I can provide the guidance and support you need as you learn how to meet and foster healthy relationships. When you learn to leave your comfort zone and start a conversation with someone you might are interested in, you will often receive a positive response, even if that person isn’t interested in dating.

I’m not sure I have the time or money to meet with a dating coach.

Working with a relationship & dating coach may present an unanticipated cost and/or commitment that you don’t feel prepared for. But, addressing your dating or relationship challenges now can save considerable frustration, time and money by reducing or eliminating future problems. And the time you invest is quickly made up as you learn to create and enjoy quality time with your partner.

I also offer weekend or Skype sessions if your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet in my Boulder office during normal business hours.

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