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Do You Have Trouble Dating Or Need Dating Advice?

Now days, dating can be overwhelming. There are endless choices with virtual hangouts, local meetups, and online dating sites, yet with so many people wanting to commit less and less, dating has become more and more challenging!

I offer dating advice as a dating coach in the Boulder/Denver area, and nationwide via Skype. I can give you the best possible advice available today.

How Can I Help You?

My one-on-one coaching conversations will bring you personal clarity and dating strategies to help reduce any doubt, anxiety, or lack of confidence. My cutting-edge dating advice will help you identify and overcome the pitfalls associated with modern dating, create a winning first impression whether in person or online, and hone your skills in discerning a good match. By learning to better understand the opposite sex, you will gain the confidence you need to attract the perfect relationship.

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How Do I Coach?

Each 60-minute session is conversation based. By asking the right questions, I am able to help my clients experience those “a-ha’s” of self-discovery. My clients tend to organically understand why a certain part of dating has been troublesome, even before I offer any feedback or dating advice.

An important part of my coaching is fieldwork. In between each session, a client will work on a challenge. When anxiety or uncertainty arises, I am available to offer support and encouragement. Challenging your comfort zone can be the most rewarding and productive part of personal development.

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The only way to respond to your dating challenges is by taking action—and action leads to change. An incredible dating relationship awaits you…but some guidelines will get you there faster!

Invest in your future by investing in healthy dating relationships.

What Qualifies Me to Be Your Coach?

I work as a fully trained coach and live my own personal “challenge for change” lifestyle. Many people might know me from my challenge books and TV shows, such as How to Travel the World for Free and How to Barter for Paradise. I have developed the MWCC coaching concept based on these programs. Additionally I have had relationship and dating experiences all over the world and experienced all sorts of ups and downs myself so am confident my dating advice can help you with whatever your dating challenges might be.

I’m up for the challenge – are you?

If so, feel free to contact me for a complimentary 20-minute consultation in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide via Skype.

Challenge for Change! Yours, Michael Wigge

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