Relationship Coach

Work Out Your Relationship Challenges with an Expert Relationship Coach!

Do you argue with your loved ones? Do you feel jealous or misunderstood? Do you have trouble with your colleagues or even your boss?

As a relationship coach, I support you in working out your relationship difficulties by helping you better understand yourself and how you relate with others. Let me help you find your voice and use it to communicate more effectively, confidently, and lovingly.

I serve as a coach in the Boulder/Denver area, and nationwide online via Skype.

What Does a Relationship Coach Do?

It is commonly believed that coaches give advice to help clients redirect their lives. But I believe effective relationship coaching emerges from a two-way conversation.

By asking the right questions, I help you become aware of your truest desires, potential, and strengths, and to enter every relationship more grounded and confident in who you are and what you value.

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Are We Just Talking?

Typically I coach clients for two 60-minute sessions per month—but there is another very important component: Fieldwork.

Change can only happen by taking action. It is in doing the fieldwork that you activate the challenge-for-change principles. When anxiety or uncertainty arises, I am available to offer support and motivation. Leaving your comfort zone during your relationship challenges can be the most rewarding and productive part of personal development.

Read about the Michael Wigge Challenger Concept to begin creating real change today!

The only way to respond to a relationship challenge is by taking action—and action leads to change. Incredible fulfilling relationships await you…but some guidance and relationship coaching will get you there faster!

Invest in your future by investing in your relationships.

What Qualifies Me to Be Your Relationship Coach?

As a certified ICF coach, bestselling author, and widely acclaimed challenge seeker, I have helped people create healthier relationships and take their lives to the next level through my “challenge for change” principles. Based on my popular challenge books and TV shows, How to Travel the World for Free and How to Barter for Paradise (PBS), the MWCC coaching concept has proven to be life changing. I have put it to the test in my own relationship situations all over the world, and through all sorts of ups and downs—so whatever your relationship challenges, I can help you overcome them.

I’m up for any relationship challenges you might have! Are you ready for an upgrade?

Contact me today for a complimentary 20-minute consultation in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide online via Skype.

Challenge for Change! Yours, Michael Wigge

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