Hi everyone,  are you trying to change some patterns in your life? Are working on a better life situation, e.g. trying to reach life goals, overcoming fear, working on self-esteem or simply wanting to live your dreams?

If you do so, that’s pretty good, but do you also experience obstacles on your way for change?

We all know that the path for change is usually not a straight line, rather a windy road we have to master first. But the windy road to reach your goals can be pretty easy if you are aware of the types of obstacles that can hold you back from reaching your goals.

Watch out for these five obstacles for change:

5 obstacles for change

Five Obstacles for Change

1) Loneliness

If you’re working on change, always keep an eye on your relationships. Change can cause certain stress at times. It’s very important to have friends or family around at times as a kind of support system. Loneliness can sabotage change. If you try to lose weight, loneliness might be the uncomfortable emotion that sabotages the diet.

2) Substances

Substances like alcohol or even drugs are a huge no-go when you‘re trying to bring change to your life. Any kind of drunk or dizzy feeling does sabotage your ambition to continue your path a lot. You may have experienced already that willpower under the influence of substances may completely dissolve at times. Stay clean and strong!

3) Boredom

Boredom sabotages your path of change similarly as loneliness. Any kind of long boredom situation makes it hard to work on change. Boredom can bring you that much discomfort that you may start strong compensation strategies, which interrupt your process of change as well. So always keep yourself entertained and stick close to your life passions and purpose to avoid this feeling.

4) Stress

This emotion basically takes away all of your resources and energy you need for change. I remember one time I had to lose 10 pounds of weight. It worked pretty well but always when stress appeared I had this urge to just eat some fatty or sugar based food to compensate the stress. Watch out for a smooth life balance when you work on your goals!

5) Tiredness

Working on change and being tired is just not a great mixture. Any kind of change requires a sharp mind which isn’t tired. You may remember situations you had to work hard and that short last night made the process pretty tricky.
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