What happened so far?

I have arrived in Connecticut for a Mark Twain challenge, after I have already traveled to five states in four days and traveled about 750 miles. That sounds pretty good but I am behind my schedule if I want to reach the 50th state after 50 days and 14,000 miles in the van.

The Mark Twain Challenge

I have basically visited the famous Mark Twain house in Hartford, where he lived. Almost everybody knows Mark Twain at least from Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. And there are famous quotes of him, too. But do the people who work in the museum know his most famous quotes? And what’s about the people living around the museum? I have recognized that the neighborhood is rather socially weak, poverty striken  and with an ethnic background. How much do they know about the mansion just next door? Would they connect to Mark Twain?

Check out the video after the challenge. Yours, Fifty States of Wigge