The new year has recently started and many of us are still busy in dealing with those New Year’s resolutions (…why did I ever set those heavy goals at New Year’s Eve?)

But I think that we shouldn’t just set goals at New Year’s Eve. We should rather always set life goals. I develop a strategy plan with most of my coaching clients divided in one, three, and five years goals. This can seriously change lives.

wheel of life

setting goals in wheel of life

Four reasons why you should set life goals

1. Reason: Goal setting is an important element to develop a strong life purpose

We do things with a reason if we have our goals in the back of our mind. This helps us to develop a purpose in life, which makes us pretty happy.

2. Reason: Goal setting helps us to cruise along an invisible red line

This red line stabilizes our direction and helps us to avoid getting distracted in life with many other things. I have set extreme goals in my life with my challenge books How to Travel the World for Free and How to Barter for Paradise. These goals have given me an enormous stability to my life.

3. Reason: In coaching ‘goal setting’ is even been used to lower depression…

…because goals help us to develop motivation and and inspiration in our lives. Many studies show that

goal setting develops a strong happiness feeling.

4. Reason: Some people tend to look more backwards than forwards

This often appears with elderly people who just talk about the good old days. Goal setting can change this process and give people enough reasons to have a forward looking attitude.

I usually develop with my clients a 1,3,5 years strategy plan in all areas of the wheel of life. Here the exercise for you:
Please print out the main photo of this blog three times and fill out your goals in each section, e.g. job, health, relationship. You please do this for each of the three time frames with three copies of the wheel of life.

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