Fun Challenge during a Sad Day

I have reached my third state of my 50 states trip across the U.S. and I have to face another challenge, actually a funny one. This is pretty tough looking at the sad news of the day with the Dallas shooting,  several cops have been killed in today. I condole with all family and friends of those shot and I hope that this difficult issue of gun ownership in the U.S. can be solved soon.

Great Country

The United States is an amazing country for me, so friendly, colorful and positive, but also with certain extremes at times. I hope we can all work on keeping the greatness in this culture and solving the issues like the Dallas shooting today.

That’s why it’s hard to continue with the planed and humorous Massachusetts challenge here, but I decided to do so, since everyone should see that this beautiful country has so more to offer than gun violence.

One of the beauties are state names that Germans cannot pronounce for example. Check this out:

Fifty States of Wiggy