I have just arrived in the lovely state of Vermont where I have to face to Trump challenge.

Ok first to Vermont. Why is it a lovely state? Well, Vermont first of all has the lowest crime rate in the entire nation. The capital Montpelier just has 8,000 inhabitants, there isn’t even a Mc Donalds in town and everyone is absolutely liberal to the point the Berny Sanders is actually from here. Many people who live in Montpelier have been hippies in the old days, so no folk that would really get excited when they hear the name Donald Trump.

lovely town

Vermont capital

The Trump challenge

I have to find one person within ten random people on the street that admits to vote for Trump because of his bad ass image. I know this is difficult in between a hippie crowd. But challenge is challenge. Let’s do it!

back of van

back bench

Anyway besides this difficult Trump challenge I am pretty good, slept nine hours in the back of my van on the back bench. I would have never thought that back benches of vans can be so great. But they are if you are really exhausted from the first three days.

very long

Long way

See you tomorrow, 50-States-Wiggy