Hi everyone,

I moved  from Germany to the United States in 2013 for business and private reasons. In 2012, I could publish one of my TV shows on PBS and then I luckily got invited by Jay Leno to the Tonight Show. So I have always wanted to follow-up with my work in the U.S.. Personally I like the friendliness, politness, the positivity and the open communication I always experienced in the U.S..

So, to be able to stay in the U.S., I had to get a Greencard. Since I do not plan to marry anyone at this stage, I had to get the Greencard through “extraordinary professional qualifications”. Luckily I did appear on the Tonight Show next to Katy Perry, I had produced already seven TV documentary series and got rewarded with several TV awards for this.

These successful years have made it possible to get approved for the greencard. But there also was this hard eight months application process to proof all my references for the greencard. This meant that I had to translate German tax office statements, get reference letters from employees I haven’t spoken for more than ten years and establish a file folder exactly nine inches thick. There were times during the eight months process I was feeling like throwing that folder out of the window, because it was boring and never ending work.

But luckily with the support of my great attorney, I got the folder together and could reach my goal as a part of living my dreams. The greencard is definitely part of my general life dreams, because it opens doors, culturally and professionally.

Looking back to the painful eights months, I am happy that I have not given up that process, that I have always believed in this goal to be met as a part of my dreams. I hope this can inspire you to always try to live your dreams and to do so to keep an eye on these things:

-Recognize personal blockades which could stop you

-Keep an eye on any kind of fear which could hold you back

-Define your goals clearly and develop a strategy plan

This is exactly what I do with my clients in life coaching. For any questions, please contact me or check out my coaching webpage for more details.

May all your dreams come through in 2015!

Greetings, Michael Wigge