Hi everyone,

Colorado is a great place to live, especially in winter to go skiing several times a week. But culturally I experience a difference to back home in Europe. Overthere you enter the chair lift to go to the summit, while the safety bar is automatically been shut. Here in the U.S. it’s pretty common to leave this safety bar up in the air.

My U.S. friend Bryan to me: Wigge, we are not in the E.U. here, where E.U. president Martin Schulz tells you to use the safety bar.

I think, the U.S. attitude is that everyone is self-responsible to be stupid and to fall out of the chair or just to stay in, while the Europeans want regulations.

These 14-years old trick ski guys are sitting next to me in my chair lift. I know, they find it not so cool (not “epic” here in Colorado) if I start pulling down the safety bar. So I leave the bar up there and experience a strong fear of heights, since we are 30 feet up in the air. I secretly start holding myself to the chair, but the 14 years old trick ski guys regonize it and feel really embarrassed that this older dude is so anxious.

This is how things continue and they do get pretty uncomfortable, because I try to avoid my fears, until I recognize that I have to change to the opposite: Confront yourself with your fears!

So, I start to challenge myself everytime I use the chair. No holding to the chair, looking down to the ground on purpose and trying to relax my tense abs (if I had some). The beginning is hard, but I recognize how I lose my fear step by step. Now, after more than 80 rides in the chair lift, I can proudly present that my fear of heights has definitely disappeared, at least to 80% or 90%. I am still not doing a handstand in the chair, but I can take the chair  without pulling down the bar and being relaxed. My fear of heights belongs to the past.

If you experience fear of flying, please don’t use the train. If you experience fear of heights, please don’t move the Netherlands.

I coach fear issues and many other daily topics in my online coaching sessions. Please check out my page and please contact me for further questions or a free life coaching session. I need to go back to skiing now, please share if you like…

Yours, Wigge