Hi there, 2015 was so intense as shown in this End of Year Review.

1) We all had to learn that Russia is led by a certain power politics. The Crimea now belongs to Russia which has been sanctioned by the West. But all of a sudden Russia fights shoulder to shoulder with France the IS terror group.

2) The U.S. has an-almost-presidential-candidate who says certain things, which don’t always seem to be that true. He may be dishonest about certain facts, what Mexicans do and so on, but he’s still more popular than his opponents.

3) The European Union had to financially support Greece again, although none of the EU countries really felt like doing so. Many EU countries have also shown a lack of empathy in terms of taking refugees from the Middle East.

4) After the Paris attacks, fear has struck parts of the U.S. society. What if another 9/11 would happen here?

All four examples of this End of year review 2015 have presented typical human actions & emotions to us, which we often experience on a daily basis in our personal lives, too:

Power, Trust, Honesty, Egoism and Fear

1) Power Politics in Russia
2) Imperfections of an almost-presidential-candidate
3) EU behavior – rather taking than giving
4) Fear in the U.S. of another attack

What does this End of  year review mean for our personal lifes?

Being dishonest is not just a Trump topic. This study shows that 60% of us have to lie at least once in a ten minutes conversation.

Noone wants to be seen in society as egoistic. But several studies proof that egoism is a normal human behavior that drives us everyday.

And fear can be big for anyyone. Probably many of you have experienced some fear that did hold you back at one stage. This interesting study even shows that 2/3 of our society experience a certain fear called nomophobia, the fear of being without his smartphone (Ithink I got it :-))

Although we all tend to present ourselves as positive as possible to our communities, we all have our weaknesses and even the famous skeleton hidden in our closet. And I think it’s good like that:

How boring would life be, if we’d all be perfect

Still, it’s good to wish that our politics could do better.

Happy New Year to all of you! Yours, Wigge

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