U.S. Challenge – Fifty States of Wigge

It’s time for a new travel challenge – Fifty States of Wigge – the ultimate U.S. challenge

Here my last four challenges

  1. How to Travel the World for Free – 2010
  2. How to Barter for Paradise – 2011 (trading an apple to a house in Hawaii)
  3. How to Travel 2000 Miles on a Razor Scooter – 2013
  4. How to Travel Europe Blindfolded -2014

In the U.S. challenge 50 States of Wigge I am about to travel all 50 U.S. states in 50 days. 48 out of these 50 states will be traveled by camper van, 14,000 miles on the road. This will mean not much sleeping, but not much boredom either, since I have to face in each of the 50 states an additional state related challenge.

The 50 Challenges

Be prepared for a 60 minute sprint challenge from top to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a challenge to finally touch Donald Trump at his Trump Rally, a German challenge on the 50 million Americans with German heritage, or a weight lost challenge in Colorado, Americas least obese state. You will see me in Florida, trying to figure out what a swing state is. I will learn the trumpet in New Orleans and try to find diamonds in the crater of diamonds in Arkansas.

Why all the trouble?

I am a German who has been partially living in the states for years, and I want to dig deeper with my U.S. challenge. How does America really tick? I guess this is an interesting question worldwide in the 2016 election year with two outstanding candidates:

One candidate comes across pretty edgy, kind of wild in his words, with a multi-billion business, and with a hairstyle that would have even made Elvis pretty jealous. The other candidate seems to be a title collector: Ex-Firstlady, Ex-Secretary of State, Ex-Presidential Candidate.

Hello? What’s going on, America?

I will find it out. Follow me on a wild ride across the U.S. with incredible challenges from lovely New England to inspiring California, from sunny Florida to secluded Alaska – Fifty States of Wigge

I am already in my first state in Maine, check out

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