Life Purpose is such a HUGE word. What is our main purpose to live our lives?

I completely understand that not all people want to touch that big question, because it goes beyond earning money, making a living and just trying to be kind of happy. For some people, religion is a key purpose, for others it’s the career or for many it’s the family. For others, life purpose might be having fun or helping others.

I think it’s a great help to think about the actual purpose to really live a happy life. The more we follow a strong life purpose, the better we usually feel.

I know what I am talking about, because I was not aware of my purpose in the first half of my life and it did not live it at all. I was kind uninspired, going to high school in Germany because I had to, I partied to forget and I just got along the easiest possible way.

Luckily I have found my life purpose in my second twenty years of my life, which made me so much happier. And the interesting thing Ilearned is that life purpose does change over time.

Finding life purpose and accepting its change

In my twenties my life purpose was to present myself on television, to do funny stunts for MTV Germany and seriously have fun doing so. I was bringing a great purpose to my life with these fun jobs. Here some good memories of my MTV work

In my thirties, my life purpose changed. I became a traveler and I wrote books like How to Barter for Paradise & How to Travel the World for Free and , again I was following my purpose, because I felt like challenging myself with these extreme travels.

Youtube Tonight Show Video

Tonight Show visit with Jay Leno when I was 35. A good life purpose especially having Katy Perry next to me 🙂

And now with 39, I see a change in purpose. I feel like less traveling, especially after having moved to the U.S. and starting a life coaching and motivational speaking business. I am happy to live my changed purpose to inspire and support others and I feel grateful of realizing this.

I like to inspire you to spend a few minutes on your current life purpose. Has it changed over years? Do you follow your life purpose? Believe me, following your purpose makes you more happy – for sure!

Pls share this if you like and send me your thoughts about this again. Happy to discuss. Yours purposefully :-), Michael Wigge

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