Many people talk about meditation as ‘something good for you’, but how does it really effect you and why does it actually bring change to your life?

I have integrated meditation in my lifestyle a while ago and it has brought some significant change to me. Many of my coaching clients have started a similar practice and they show signs of improvement.

Here the top 5 changes through meditation

Meditate for change

1. Meditation practices are often very simple concentration exercises

You can focus on your breath going in and out and try not to think about anything else. Obviously thoughts do come up, which is natural. Just gently push them away to continue your focus on the breath.
This exercise helps you to have a much greater focus in life, less destruction during the day from random thoughts, memories, plans and fears. You will be more present in the here and now.

2. Recognition of groups of thoughts

If you do this exercise at least 20-30 minutes a day, you will recognize another change pretty soon. You will become aware of all your subconscious thoughts racing through your mind all the time. The meditative exercise basically makes you aware what does happen in your conscious mind. Sooner or later you will be able to label your thoughts in different goups:  1. memories 2. plans 3. phantasies and 4. fears.

3. Self-awareness

If you are able to recognize and label your daily subconscious thoughts, you are in the process of self-awareness. A stronger self-awareness of what is going on with you leads you to self-confidence and a stronger self-esteem.

4. Less fear through meditation

This process makes you much calmer and brings stability to your life. Just imagine, you are not the passive victim of your racing subconscious thoughts anymore! You will become a different person, a person with lots of stability. The recognition of fear racing through your mind is the start to lower and to possibly eliminate thoughts of fear affecting you.

5. Improve your relationships

If you turn into a self-conscious, calm and stable person with a solid self-esteem, you are at a perfect level to be a good partner in your relationships. Basically meditation gives you the ground work for a happy and healthy relationship.

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