Hi everyone,

most of you know me from my travel stories “How to Travel the World for Free” or “How to Barter for Paradise”. But early this year I decided to start a life coaching business, because those media projects have given me the experiences to develop strategy plans to reach those  extreme travel goals like turning an apple into a Hawaiian Dream house just by bartering for bigger and better things. Those strategy plans are exactly what I use for my coaching clients, although they often contact me for personal reasons. Sometimes this year they just wanted some support to make their life more enjoyable and successful. Others have been coached by me because their self-image hasn’t been as good as it could be. But often people just wanted a life coaching, because some kind of fear was holding them back, often the fear can be very hard to consciously recognize for oneself.

I have been happy to deal with these issues and support my clients, because I remember times with some fear on my own and a low self-esteem. Just holding a speech in front of my class in high school was horrible for me. Last month I was publicly speaking in front of 1000 people and I haven’t even been nervous a tiny bit.

So things can be changed for sure!  An overview to recognize if a life coach is necessary can be found in the wheel of life. Are all six parts of your life great? If yes, please do not contact me, because you might be very happy and shouldn’t waste any money to a coach. But if some parts are not really so great, we can work on it, and it will be fun, too. Then please contact me for a free trial session. The wheel of life can be found on my coaching page under “what”.

Anyway, it was a great coaching year and I wish you all a happy new year!

Michael Wigge