I have been to a video speech here at CU Boulder with David Snowden, live from Russia, a couple days ago. I don’t intend to write about politics here, some people like the guy what for he has done, many others here in the U.S. don’t. Let’s rather talk about the power of loneliness!

While I was listening to his speech, I was actually thinking about something else – LONELINESS. How lonely must he feel, living in an apartment in Russia, no friends, no family around him, and no perspective to ever come back to the U.S., neither to travel anywhere in the world?

But Snowden has come across pretty stable and even content in his speech. First I was surprised but then I thought about the power of loneliness, and the chances it gives us to grow.

Snowden Speech/ Loneliness

Edward Snowden

My Loneliness Self-Experiement

I remember myself doing a self-experiment during Christmas 2011 – lonely with myself on purpose to hopeful grow through this experience.

The days before Christmas, I was really scared, thinking ‘everyone in this world is with friends and family holding hands around the christmas tree expect of lonely me’. I felt kind of wrong and I already thought I wouldn’t make it and run away from my loneliness.

But then all of a suddden, it was the 24th (Christmas celebration night in Germany), I cooked dinner for myself, and I spend that night driving around Berlin on my own with my Karman Ghia vintage car. First it felt like the lonely wolf driving without orientation through that big city. But then it all of a sudden became very enjoyable. I felt free from all society attached strings and I started beocoming happy with myself. The 25th and 26th were pretty awesome, I set up a Christmas tree for myself, gave myself some presents, and I enjoyed Christmas with myself.

From that Christmas on, I lost a lot of fear of loneliness, of not belonging to anything or anyone, and of having to do what society does. Two years later, I moved on my own from Germany to the U.S. without even having a thought of possible loneliness in that new country. I feel much freer now, and nowadays I enjoy time being with others even much more, since I like to be with myself more as well.

Alone but not lonely

Snowden Speech – Alone but not Lonely

I am so excited about 2016 with myself and I doubt I will  feel lonely

March – Hawaii vacation
April to June – New travel project
August speaking on a cruise ship
November Germany speaking tour

All these activities are planned on my own I am excited about it, since I have lost a heavy chunk of fear of loneliness.

Maybe Mr. Snowden has taken his exile as a chance to grow. At least he gave this content impression in a really difficult situation he has put himself in.

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Alone but not lonely. Yours Michael Wigge