Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about smoking today. I need to admit that I have smoked cigarettes over several periods in my life for a total of about ten years. I am glad I am out of that. But I must state that certain situations sometimes come up, when that little cigarette monster tells me to smoke one cigarette again. So here are my four strategies which help me to not fall back into smoking.

1) I have moved from Europe to the U.S. a while ago. I choose Boulder, Colorado as a place of living for many reasons. One was smoking. Seriously, no one really does smoke in this town, because people are so outdoors and health oriented. Great for me, because I just got good role models around me.

2) Once a coach told me that I tend to breathe rather shallow. And she figured out that I only allow myself to breath really deep when I did smoke cigarettes. So whenever I still get cigarette cravings, I deeply breathe ten times. This usually helps a lot to get rid of cravings and to relax me.

3) Sports: I have restarted endurance training about three years ago. Sometimes, I join long distance competitions. Believe me, if you know that the next 10k street run comes up so, you think more than twice if you like to grab that cigarette. Running really helps me to stay away from smoking.

4) When I go out for a beer, I often take a nicotine chewing gum with me. Many people know that cigarette cravings are more likely to appear after a couple of drinks. The gum in my pocket really helps me, even I don’t normally need to chew it. Just its presence in my pocket, is already helpful.

For smoking and other issues, just check out this online coaching page. I am happy to hear from you and your experiences and current issues!

Yours, Wigge