Hi everyone,
Endurance running has definitely changed my life for the good. I currently live in Boulder, Colorado, just at the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains. Often, I drive up to 10,000ft to start a 2.5 hours run up to Arapahoe pass on 12,100ft. This is a 8 miles alpine run. I know this may sound extreme, it is extreme for sure, but with enough training it is an awesome experience. Endurance running has changed my life like this.

1)Physical fitness: I do look like 18 again! No, I don’t unfortunately, but I am definitely down from 210 pounds to 190 pounds. I feel much better and I don’t have to worry anymore that my belly

2) Endorphin body production: It’s scientifically proved that endurance running helps the body produce endorphins. These happiness hormones really affect my life to its positive. Often after running I realize that certain worries of my daily life don’t really matter anymore. I feel that I am much stronger to cope with stress and worries. And just imagine to reach this effect without the legalized marijuana here in Colorado!

3) If you do alpine running on 10,000 to 12,000 ft, it’s obviously something extreme to do and you have to be trained for that. But this kind of boarder experience gives me a lot. The feeling of having achieved something and to have conquered that pass is great. Especially getting on that pass by running and not by hiking gives this huge feeling of satisfaction.

4) The nature experience is important for me with all my long runs. I just love being in nature and looking over the vast valleys of the Rocky Mountains.

5) In most of my runs, I do include a little mediation practice. This means I concentrate either on my footsteps while running or on my breath. I used to practice mediation on a pillow for a while but I am just to active for that. So, I have started combining it with running, called MediRun. This practice supports my life balance, builds up strength against stress, and makes me focused a lot more. I forward the practice of MediRun to many of my life coaching clients.

For everyone who got curious about my mental and physical health coaching, please check out my coaching page. I give coachings internationally via skype locally in my CO Coaching space.

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