Hi everyone,
I have moved from Germany to the U.S. a while ago and I love it. But this has also meant that I changed my profession in a different culture, with a different language, and with a different set of rules.

Besides that, I have been presenting and producing TV shows back in Germany for about 15 years. So people kind of know me over there, which helps a lot in offering other services like coaching and speaking. Often I get booked back in Germany, because people have read my books or say ‘isn’t that the guy who traveled the word for free and has been on MTV for a while’?

So, I had to realize that the professional start in the U.S. is a challenge. Here an example: I applied to fifty American and just one German Cruise Company to become a cruise ship lecturer. The result: No American answer, the only German application led to a booking for a job on a cruise trip, because the responsible lady had read my German books…

Over this summer, I was trying to get coaching clients in the U.S. But no bookings, I tried so much until the point of frustration. I got that little voice in my head ‘That is so silly’. And I remember the 2013 conversation with my German buddy.

Buddy: Why do you move to the U.S. if everything works well for you in Germany?
Wiggy: Because I love the challenge!

How have I regreted this answer during this summer, when things haven’t moved on for me in the U.S. But luckily I managed to keep this as a challenge. And I see myself as a challenge seeker, because every challenge means leaving your comfort zone and that means personal growth. So do this for the sake of growth, I thought, not always enjoying to establish myself here. But results finally are happening now. I am going to have my first two non-German coaching clients on Tuesday, first Duane from Denver and then Andrzej from Moscow. Yooohooo!

So, let’s call it a happy end. And I can motivate anyone to leave your comfort zone, too. Make it difficult for yourself and go through it by solving the kind of issue; it is an awesome feeling when you reach the goal after having left your comfort zone.

My Ted Talk about leaving comfort zones: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJWIyBFHTHQ

All about my online coaching about leaving the comfort zone above of this page.
Contact me, even if that is outside your comfort zone! 🙂

Yours, Comfort-Zone-Wigge