Hi everyone,

yes, that’s me, who’s holding this amazing world record. At least, I think so, since I have been trying out some online dating in different parts of the world, where I have been living.
Pretty interesting to have the possibility to meet people so fast and flexible anywhere in the world. Nowadays a guy doesn’t have to sit in bar all night long anymore to finally meet someone, although he wanted to go to bed already hours ago. And nowadays we can avoid embarrassing situations in a train ‘Me: Hi I have seen you over there, your bag looks really nice’ She: ‘Excuse me, what do you want?’

This can make life much easier and less embarrassing, but online dating can also cause some disturbance. 7 dates in 7 days is a pretty easy task if you just write to enough people. This can lead to a consumption attitude. And finding the loved one should definitely have nothing to do with consumption like in a supermarket.

Currently I have an online coaching client to improve his dating life. We work on self-confidence and strategies how to approach a woman in public. Actually it’s pretty fun, since he has to do field work assignments after each coaching session to leave his comfort zone and start talking to someone randomly. But I must also say that online dating does help him a lot to get started.

Since I have lived in all these different places, like Berlin, Santa Barbara, New York, Hawaii, and London, I did some fieldwork on my own over many years 🙂 So check out my three most embarrassing dating stories:

1) In Hawaii I had a breakfast date with a Japanese lady at Waikiki beach. After the first bite, she started crying really heavily, which isn’t so good for a first date to be honest, since everyone thinks you are the bad guy. After I asked her several times for the reason of this outburst, she finally told me her story while hugging me excessively:

I still have a husband, and another woman just got pregnant from him!

Right afterwards, she excessively started crying again (everyone stares at me) – Well, I was out of that breakfast place faster than you could imagine…

2) Back in London years ago, I met a nice woman in bar for a first online date. She was already sitting at the bar when I arrived; I know that is embarrassing being too late. Anyway, I started random conversation pieces about the weather, the traffic and the British Queen. She kind of smiled and listened until she asked me who I actually was. She added that she was waiting there to meet her boss. Yep, online profile pictures can be tricky… Anyway, my real date must have left during my monologue at the bar to that random lady.

3) In Berlin I had a first date in a pretty cafe once . This time, I was already there, when she came in. She shook my hand (very German to do so) and put a copy of my book ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ on the table. I was confused what that was about. She said to me with this kind of serious tone:

Well, you traveled the world to barter an apple to a house in Hawaii. Great, but I find it funny that the broadcasting TV network of this show paid all the travels for you. I said, okayyyyyy.

She added a bit of small talk and left. We haven’t married each other so far. 🙂

Anyway, dating is fun(ny). More about my online coachings on top of this page under ‘life coaching’

Greetings, your DatingWigge