Hey everyone,

masses of refugees are currently moving north from the Balkan region up towards Germany. It’s so sad to see what kind of hardship these people go through. When has that happened before? Probably it hasn’t happened in Europe like that since WW2.
It’s been estimated that Germany will take 800,000 of refugees in this year. I find this pretty amazing, since my home country used to have the 20th century title of the bad and ugly guy. Now, our government has decided to show empathy and help the poorest coming from Syria and other regions. Awesome, this makes me proud to be German, a statement we never learned to say…

But 800,000 refugees in one year is equivalent to about 3.5 million refugees streaming into the U.S. in just one year. I think everybody understands that this can cause a certain fear in the society.
That’s why there have been ugly situations, people in a kind of anti-foreigner mood. But I think it’s important not to put them in the German Nazi corner, although I personally would not necessary like them. I think it’s important to understand their fear, especially their fear to leave their comfort zone.

Huge masses of refugees over years would completely change the country. People would have to deal with different languages, unknown cultures and interact with people who might believe differently, too. But this is also a huge chance, because change means leaving your comfort zone, which again leads to growth, like described in my Ted Talk  www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJWIyBFHTH

If we learn to accept that everything changes and Germany of 2020 will not be the Germany of 2015, we will personally and nationally grow, accept the differences that appear and open up to the new.

That’s what I always forward in my personal online coaching sessions for career, love, personal development and health: Leave your comfort zone, accept the fear, go the hard way and grow!

On a national level it’s just the same. That’s why it’s good to even support those people who react funny and silly instead of calling them a Nazi. Make them aware that this is a national chance, even if we have to give up space, wealth and maybe some comfort. And definitely be aware of their fear!
The challenge of the arriving refugees will make the nation stronger, more reflected, and more tolerant.

Germany, you are on a great path! The refugees need help.
Greetings from Chicago airport, Wigge