Hi everyone,

I have just had a pretty funny 7,000miles-48hours trip.

Monday Morning: Leaving Boulder, CO
Monday: Denver International Airport
Monday afternoon: Chicago Airport
Tuesday Morning: Düsseldorf, Germany
Tuesday: Camper Van Rental Company, somewhere…
Tuesday Night: Sleeping in Camper van at German Freeway
Wednesday Morning: Breakfast with my buddy at the Swiss boarder

Wednesday Noon: My camper van loses a tire on the Swiss freeway while driving! I just manage to stop the three-wheeler on time to avoid an accident. Poooh! How can a camper van lose a f….g tire?

Wednesday Afternoon: I reach AXA insurance company for a motivational speaking gig just on time and just by the road side service truck driving me there…

So, let’s say I really exceeded my stress limits in these 48 hours. The flight and the drive were still ok, but the wheel accident, the time pressure and the jet lack were too much for me. So I really stressed myself.

Normally I got pretty good in recognizing my stress limits, which I also forward to my coaching clients. Many people hire a coach to learn how to live within their limits in times of business pressure, competition etc.

I remember me producing the TV show ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ (I bartered an apple for bigger and better to reach a house in Hawaii). This meant a seven months trip across fourteen countries. And it also meant 42 barter deals to reach a real home in Hawaii – by bartering and not by buying.
How to Barter for Paradise

This project was a huge success in Germany and even in the U.S. but it also caused a kind of burn-out-depression afterwards. After this extreme adrenaline rush, I was back home kind of empty, tired and really burned out. That’s why I changed profession, moved to the Rocky Mountains and started integrating a regular workout into my life. So no more burn out and extreme stress situations besides losing tires on Swiss freeways…

Anyway, what are your experiences in having too much pressure in your life? I am happy to hear your stories.

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Best. TireWigge