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Yes, VW needs me as their personal life coach, although the car producer doesn’t know about it yet. Let’s summarize the situation: VW has manipulated their Diesel emissions to conquer the U.S. market. This seemed to be part of the major goal to become the world’s leading car producer, which has been Toyota for many years.
A pretty common saying in America seems to be ‘FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT!’. From that point of view we could say that VW has done everything right in the U.S., although it was pretty silly, damaging and just bad to fake the emissions…

Anyway, it looks like VW is going to have an incredible scandal, which might make it pretty unrealistic to be the world leading car producer in the future. Who will still trust them?

So, where is the connection here to me as a life coach? Will I take some blankets to cover newly produced VW cars, which won’t get sold anymore? Or will I cuddle and hug VW’s CEO Martin Winterkorn with the blankets to make him feel better? I doubt it, but I can relate to VW, since I have been under similar pressure to reach extreme goals.

In the TV Show and book ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ (How to Barter for Paradise) I did barter an apple for bigger and better to reach a house in Hawaii. This has led to ongoing back pain for the rest of my life, since I did put myself extremely under pressure for a period of time, but luckily I reached the dream house in Hawaii!

Many of my coaching clients tell me about their life and business pressure: They even tend to take some medication to push themselves or don’t stick with the truth about their possibilities to their boss or families like VW did in this scandal as well.

It’s pretty human to become funny when we experience too much pressure. But there are other solutions than lying or medication: Reflect on your possibilities in relation to your goals, work on your work-life balance, introduce sports or mediation to handle stress, and stay away from certain goals, which might be too unhealthy for you!
VW would be fine now, if they would have just accepted that they cannot be HUGE in the U.S. with their current emission results. They wanted too much, and got a very destructive result…

So, lovely VW, please call me today to book a coaching session to finally start working on your work life balance! For everyone else who reads this, please check my personal development coaching page with details about work life balance and similar:

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I would love to hear back from you when you actually had situations, where goals got too big.
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Range Rover driving, yours Wigge 🙂