Hi everyone,

I have just returned to the U.S. from a Paris trip. It’s pretty interesting to fly around the world for business reasons and see the beauty of different cultures and cities. But it can also be a challenge to live healthy while having such a lifestyle.

So the right diet on trips can be challenging, or sometimes my stress level gets out of order, when I fly too much and have jet lags. But the main challenge can still be a regular workout.
But I found solutions, and I take my running shoes with me on every trip. Here my running trails away from Colorado since 2013:

New York Central Park and through Manhattan, San Francisco Golden Gate Park, Switzerland Zurich, Hawaii Oahu Windward Site, SF Marin County, Maui Upcountry, Brilon in Germany, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Thuringia, etc
It becomes a nice collection of trails and I added another one in central Paris last week. It was beautiful to run along the river Seine through this historic and amazing city.

And Paris offers everything you need for a great work out: 7 miles running trails along the Seine without traffic, one arm push-ups on the inclined wall of the Louvre pyramid, and stair speed runs in the park in front of Louvre.
It’s possible to work out and get to know the world! But we will see if push-ups at Louvre will be enough for my next marathon in Denver on Oct 18th. 🙂

Anyway, have you ever worked out in unusual locations anywhere in the world? Please let me know!

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