Hi everyone,

I have just returned from Germany to the U.S. and my mood in the airplane was kind of medium. I was stressed out from work in Germany, had a jetlag, and I was mega tired. So after a layover in Chicago things changed drastically.
I was sitting from Chicago to Denver together with a couple of people.

Next to me Jane, a mother in her fifties, started right away in typical American excitment fashion:

‘Oh you are from Germany, that’s so awesome, I bought the best brat ever in Frankfurt! And incredible you work as a life coach!’

Carol in front of me joined the conversation with very personal information about her 22 year old daughter currently in jail for drug abuse. But she also described the landscape around the jail in Colorado as sooo beautiful.
While both ladies were talking (sometimes at the same time) Matt 36, who just returned from a three months job in the desert of Dubai: ‘ The whiskey here in the plane is so good!’

No surprise after three dry months….

So, this excited talking spectacle went on for the entire three hours until we arrived in Denver. What has everyone learned from those conversation pieces? Probably not much. What kind of memorable information was exchange? Not much either.

But the beauty of this typical American feel-good-talk is, as its name already tells, the purpose to make everyone feel good. Europeans can easily call these conversation pieces superficial, but they make you feel good. And when I arrived in Denver, I really did feel good, entertained and pretty much happy.

Often when I feel not so happy, while living in the U.S., I just go to the supermarket to consume a couple of feel good talks to then happily go home without having done any kind grocery shopping.
When have you had you last feel good talk? Let me know how it was!

Feeling good, your feel good coach,  Wigge