Hi everyone,

I just read the latest cancer-saugage study with a painful consciousness this week, because I had just taken a hot dog out of my fridge. Sure, it’s nothing new to know that red meat and sausage can cause cancer.

But I am caught in an endless struggle of wanting to eat less meat, and then again not being able to reject that burger or hot dog. It’s just too tasty, when I am able to decide between a salad and some tasty meat.

In this kind of identity crisis this week, I decided to take my laptop with me and to leave Boulder for a three days Rocky Mountain trip: Breckenridge, Leadville, which is America’s highest city on more than 10,000ft elevation, and  Vail. It was an awesome three days’ work and travel, since I can coach my clients via Skype and Facetime, or via  phone from basically anywhere.

But this digital nomad adventure had its tricky parts. Down in the hotel restaurant, there was this hugh cheese burger waiting for me, in that ‘Wild West Bar’, a tasty steak was already medium cooked and ready to be eaten. And in Vail I went to the supermarket to buy veggie juice and a shiny salami competed heavily with the juice. What should I really buy?

I did spend these three days pretty healthy, lots of mountain running, and good diet. But it was a challenge like one from hell. When you travel, it’s so difficult to have a perfect diet especially without meat…

About 50% of my coaching clients contact me to get [support in transitioning from an employment to a freelance position and often to become a digital nomad job to feel free. Some clients ask for health coaching. But the combination health&travel seems to be the tricky one.

A free travel lifestyle and a good diet can contradict, at least sometimes. I know this for already 15 years in 80 countries. But like mentioned earlier, veggie juices can be something healthy for a travel lifestyle. First they don’t taste, but you get used to it to the point, that you cannot live without anymore. Really… Or working out… I run everywhere, like yesterday in the Leadville area on 11,000ft, cold but beautiful.

But there are many other possibilities to live free and healthy. Let’s talk about it. What is your tip and trick? Let me know below.

Yours, Meat-Michael