Hi everyone,

I am currently still in Germany in the beautiful Alps on a speaking tour for ‘How to Travel the World for Free’

And currently, I receive many mails asking me what my webinars actually do and how they work. Ok, here very  simple and easy. I give several webinars, which are connected to my motivational speeches and my life coachings

But the webinar have the advantage to just cost $39. If you like to join, please register for my newsletter
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So, my webinars cover topics like ‘How to think outside the box’ or ‘How to reach goals and live dreams’. I do use my expertises here from my challenge projects like ‘How to Travel the World for Free’ and ‘How to Barter for Paradise’
, even from my Tonight Show gig with Katy Perry and Jay Leno.

All these extreme goals needed a strategy plan. I developed the ‘Challenger Concept’  over years to be able to do all these things.  This concept will be described and discussed in detail during my webinar. You get details about belief systems, how to leave your comfort zone to grow and how to use your passions for success.

The webinars are fun and there is lots to learn. Please sign up for the newsletter
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Please ask if you like to know more. Yours, Wigge