Hi everyone,

I have always been asked why I have moved from Germany to the U.S. state of Colorado about two years ago. And the answer is simple. Related to my professional start as a life coach  I have decided to live in a happy environment to be balanced & authentic in my coachings. Why does the U.S. state of Colorado makes me happy?

1) Nature. This state has the incredible number of 12 national parks, 42 state parks and 900 species of wild life  Many studies have shown that nature just makes us happy.

2) Weather. Luckily we got 300 days of sunshine over here . I think no one really questions the relation between sunshine and happiness. I don’t question that it at all when sitting with a morning coffee on my padio enjoying the CO sunrise.

3) Crime. A low crime rate is essential for a happy living. My hometown Boulder is very low on crime and always ranks in the top 10 listing for best cities  to raise a family.

4) And many people are probably aware that CO is the outdoor and activities states. Skiing in winter, hiking and running in summer, biking all year round, etc. Sports make people just happy like shown here as Colorado the third most outdoorsy state in the U.S.

5) So, I love it here, and it has definitely made me more happy since I moved here. No surprise that CO is considered the second happiest state in the U.S., which is last but not least also related to a very strong CO economy.

How important is your place of living for your happiness? For any changes in your life, feel free to contact me as your life coach for a free consultation

Yours, Wigge