Hi everyone,

Donald Trump has been the person of the year for me, although he reached this title by being the most controversial presidential runner ever with a kind of edgy attitude towards reporters, Mexicans or Muslims. Yes, Mr. Trump has understood the media game, how to be controversial, mean and odd to get the entire world attention to let his business empire further grow.

But lately his popularity seems to shrink. And he has decided that he really needs a life coach in this heavy personal crisis. Let’s assume he has contacted me for a first life coaching session

Mr. Wigge: Hi Donald, how are you?

Donald: I feel bad, because I am not leading the polls anymore. People stop liking my edgy attitude. I am so anxious.

Mr. Wigge: I am sorry to hear this, Donald. But what is the motive behind your billion dollar making business and your controversial presidential run?

Donald: I like to help people.

Mr. Wigge: Donald, please…. Take some time and have a closer look  at yourself to realize your motives behind these rat races you have been done all your life.

Donald: (Silence)

Mr. Wigge: (Looking at Donald kind of serious, trying to avoid funny faces)

Donald: Ok, I got it. I have always looked for acknowledgment and power in all my activities to not feel too small and weak.

Mr. Wigge: Wow, that is a fast progress you are doing here. Congratulations. What’s about the idea to separate the need of acknowledgment from your professional life?

Donald: Whaaaat?

Mr. Wigge: What profession could fulfill your real passions?

Donald: Well, I would like to have a pony farm or sell flowers on broadway. I really like animals and nature actually. But that would never be possible, since I am THE DONALD TRUMP!

Mr. Wigge: Let’s wait and see… How would you feel doing those jobs?

Donald: Well, I would be happy first of all, but I would miss the acknowledgment and power I currently have.

Mr. Wigge: That is correct. But you could start giving the acknowledgment all to yourself without the need of the outside world. That would have the advantage that a lost presidential race couldn’t hit your well being, neither the loss of a billion.

Donald: Wow, how?

Mr. Wigge: Please start working on your self-love:

1. Please stand in front of the mirror every morning and look at yourself to acknowledge who you are, a nice, loving person who has done a lot.
2. Forgive yourself in front of the mirror for mistakes you have made, like talking bad about certain groups of people, etc.
3. Avoid putting yourself under so much pressure from now on! Check this every morning.
4. Talk to yourself and ask: What does my inner self really want?
5. Change your inner tone of conversation from hard to soft, actually even loving. This will automatically have the same effect on how you treat all the others around you.

Donald (crying and hugging Mr. Wigge): This is so new to me, but thanks, Wigge!

Later on Donald Trump even receives one of my challenge books for free by signing up for my coaching newsletter  and he starts following me on facebook

I hope you liked this fiction with its message… 🙂

How are you in touch with yourself? Feel free to write to me about this and discuss. And please share this.

Yours, Wigge!