Hi everyone,

I have traveled to Phoenix, AZ this weekend to run my first marathon within 50,000 other runners.
The start was great. I met Joe, Shawn and Pete and we decided to run together and tell each other silly jokes while running.

After 10 miles, we had an amazing time of 78 minutes. We decided to break the 3:30h for the entire marathon. I already saw myself being lifted up in the air by the Kenyan runners who would win the race.

But there was no such celebration for me, since I experienced an extreme loss of energy at mile 15. All of a sudden my body changed from strong to ultimate weak. The energy was gone within several minutes. I was shocked, that this happened and I was so run down all of a sudden, that I had to walk at mile 20 for five minutes. My muscles were so sore, I could’t move anymore and my body screamed: STOP!

But should I break up? A self-appointed challenge coach, who writes that he had left the challenge after 20 miles? I would definitely not book that coach…

So, I had to make it and quiet frankly speaking I never break up anything as a base of my life and coaching philosophy. So I started very slow running, even feeling the extreme pain. During the last five miles I could actually experience that my body was able to produce some new energy and stop crying. So I made it through the finish line in a state of extreme exhaus in 3:50h. The great supporters along the way actually helped me with their incredible motivation!

I am so happy to have made it, although the actual goal of 3:30 did not work out. But not canceling is what it”s all about. I made a mistake to start too fast and I learned my painful lesson to make it better next time.

I hope I can inspire you to never cancel your activities whenever you follow goals. There is always a plan B,C, and D if plan A sucks. Currently, I am full of pain and a friend pushes me on a luggage cart through Phoenix airport, but it feels so good to have overcome the pain and to have reached my goal!

What goals do you have? Please mail me to info@my-challenge-coach.com

Please share!

Yours, Wigge