Hi everyone. My focus as a life coach is to support people in ‘finding and living their dreams’. Obviously I try to live this model myself. Often playful and childish things seem to make me happy, like learning to juggle, becoming the best contestant in musical chairs or learning the unicycle.
So, that’s why I can call myself a proud owner of this unicycle since yesterday, having named it Helga. Anyway, I ‘climbed’ onto her for the first time today, to realize that I have no chance than to fall down right away. It did hurt a lot. And it hasn’t become better afterwards. Over the period of one hour, I have fallen to the ground about 15 times and my entire body hurts now. There is no hope that I will learn the unicycle soon.
But I have learned that living dreams sometimes means to go through pain and exercise first. So, that was my first step for another dream. It feels good though.

Learning unicycle also seems to be playful, some may say childish. Society always teaches us to be grown up or mature. It’s good but it’s very important to keep in touch with your child, too. In psychology people often talk about ‘the inner child’. I know this sound soooo incredible esoteric, but it’s true. Being in touch with your child, means happiness, at least for me.

‘The inner child’ is always an important aspect in my online life coachings as well. If you are interested, please check out this page and contact me for questions info@my-challenge-coach.com
Yours. Wigge (still full of pain!)