Hi everyone,
I have been living in the U.S. for a year and a half now. My main life goal here, as anywhere else before, is to live my dreams. So it’s pretty obvious that I have a look at the American Dream, too.
Is it real? Does it fit to my personal dreams? Anyway, a typical institution of the American Dream is the gold rush. During the 19th Century, masses of people have moved to California, Colorado and Alaska to live their personal American dream. A statistic says that probably 85% of the gold is still there and I assume it is just waiting to be found be someone. Hey, that could be me! And I do actually live in Colorado.
So I have contacted the legendary gold miner Kenny Reid from Idaho Springs to please coach me, so that I am going to find millions worth of gold. Kenny has shown me the first tricks: Buy a gold pan and learn it by scratch! After filling my gold pan with stones and sand from the creek, I had to get rid of the big stuff by circling the pan and shaking it. If you are not good, everything falls back into the creek (me the first three hours). But if you’re good, you lose the big stones and keep fine sand in your pan. After five hours I had the big moment: Gold! It was very tiny, just dusk no nuggets, but I got it. It’s just worth $3, but enough for a coffee I could drink on my way back home.
The day was pretty hard work, but I left happy, because I am following my passions and interest. And anything playful like searching for gold, can be highly exciting even if you go home with just $3.
If anyone is curious about my online life coachings to find and live your dreams, pls contact me below.
See you at gold rush part 2 soon.
Yours Wigge