Hi everyone,
I have a written about my gold panning activities in Colorado last week. This week, I am introducing you to another profession I am currently doing. I have always dreamt of working in an upscale profession in Manhattan/New York and to get an inside in the Manhattan/Park Avenue life style of brokers, agents, business men, and others.Maybe I have watched too many movies like Wall Street, the Secret of my Success with Michael J. Fox, or the Wolf of Wall Street.
So I have managed to be hired by Julie Kang. She is an upscale real estate agent on Park Avenue in Manhattan associated with Keller Williams, and her office overlooks the incredible New York skyline. That sounds pretty much like the American Dream, doesn’t it? After meeting her for a lunch in New York three weeks ago, she offered me a position as her PR agent. So, currently I am connecting her with possible clients, work on her online PR, I send her to the right events to connect professionally, and I am about to produce a PR video about her.
Julie’s specializes in Manhattan real estate servicing private and institutional investors, which means that all her transactions have a very high value. I am pretty excited to get more into her world, join her to exclusive, social functions in Manhattan and live this lifestyle for a while. It has definitely been one of my dreams to enter this scene at least for a period of time in my life and to check this out as one of many lifestyles possible in the world.
I will keep you updated with this and other dreams. Please contact me for information about my online life coaching about ‘finding and living dreams’ below.
Best. Wigge