Hi there,
I have moved here to the U.S. from Germany in 2013, because I continue my life philosophy in trying to live my dreams. ‘How to find and live dreams’ is actually also my life coaching focus on www.my-challenge-coach.com
So far, it has been a great time in America, especially here in beautiful CO. I really love the friendliness, the politeness, the communication, and the positivity of this culture.
But as we say  ‘there are two sides of each coin’.

So there’s one cultural aspect I have a hard time with: A noncommittal attitude or sometimes a slight flakiness of people. So I really have a hard time to meet someone for an appointment and to realize that he doesn’t show up, because I haven’t followed up on him to see if he is still in. This would be different central Europe. A ‘Yes’ is a ‘Yes’.
The same happens in dating. Here seems to be a special period of dating between meeting each other and being a boyfriend and girlfriend. The dating period can take even a year, and it means that both are non-committed.
And I feel it in business. A yes for a deal is not necessarily a yes. This can cause a trust issue if you don’t reflect on it. And quite frankly speaking, it has given my American Dream a few scratches. But it’s an opportunity rather than a reason for frustration.

So, here are two actions I always forward to my life coaching clients:
1. Take self-responsibility instead of saying ‘America is baaad’. I have come to the U.S. to live here and to fit in, and America didn’t sign up to be how it’s easiest for me. So, I have to act, adjust and learn! It’s a great opportunity to grow and to start fitting into two cultures instead of just one.

2. Find solutions. Here are different strategies I am just developing. I could easily share my professional and private life with Americans and an international crowd. But I can also learn how to read between the American lines. Actually it’s so much fun to learn how people express the same stuff differently on both sides of the Atlantic. To be aware and to handle both, gives you a great strength in your personality.

This is also how I work in life-coaching with my clients to find and live dreams in their different life aspects like career, or private life. Don’t we all want to live our dreams? Feel free to contact me for that on www.my-challenge-coach.com and Blog 8 will bring you solutions how I have started to restore my American Dream!

Yours, Wigge