Hi there,
It’s a challenge for everyone to overcome personal hurdles and bounderies. But this can be very helpful to live dreams. So, recently I had the chance to give a TEDex talk here in the U.S. to talk about this issue.
TEDex talks are a great opportunity to talk about some life experience, which then can inspire other people. My TED talk is called ‘Ring the Bell’, and I talk about my childhood game of ringing doorbells of random people in my home town back in Germany. This was pretty odd to do and also caused some fear, because I was not supposed to just ring random door bells.
But this game, which I actually played for weeks, did help me a lot to overcome some shyness and fear to the point that I could just ring some bells without any kind of fear. Later in my life I have done different kind of additional exercises in my life as well to continue my work on overcoming fear. And I can say this has helped me so much to be able do many things in my life, which I might not have done without these practices.
So quiet a few dreams have come true since then.
Feel free to watch this TED talk on www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJWIyBFHTHQ
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I hope this inspires.

Yours, Wigge