Hi everyone,

I think it’s great to be able to live in a chosen location. That’s what I have done a year ago, when I moved to Boulder, Colorado. Basically I googled ‘happiest place in the U.S.’ to choose this location. That sounds probably funny to do, but I am absolutely happy to have chosen this state. For me this is an absolute dream place for many reasons.

The outdoors are big. People bike, run, hike, ski and so much more. The weather is amazing, the seasons are great, and I find an interesting crowd of people here. I live on 5,400 ft altitude, fresh air, and deers are joining me for coffee in the morning in front of my balcony, no joke! I often go running in the mountains and the wild life overthere just blasts you away.

Besides that, there are incredible opportunities for enterpreneurs. Here is the highest density of enterpreneurs in the entire country! Additionally to that, crime is incredible low.

This is perfect for me after 15 years of big city life. I can see that it definitely makes me happy to be here, also because people here in Boulder tend to be really friendly and laid back.

Not everyone can choose so independently a place to live, because of work, love, financial matters and so on. But a dream place is just one out of many factors to find and live dreams. For further information about my online life coachings regarding ‘finding and living dreams’, please contact me on www.my-challenge-coach.com and enjoy the photos above.

In need to leave for creek tubing 🙂

Yours, Wigge