Diet Plan

Do You Need Help Creating a Healthy Diet Plan?

Have you been giving a lot of thought to changing your diet, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you feel that having a healthier lifestyle would give you a better life?

As your challenge coach, I can help you develop a healthy diet plan and improve your diet and fitness in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide online and via phone.

Many people want a healthy plan, but everyday life often makes that difficult. Work, stress, lack of time, and old habits all seem to work together to undermine our efforts to change.

That’s why a health coach is essential to creating the diet plan you know will transform your life. A challenge coach can provide the necessary support system you need to keep from falling back into chronic, unhealthy habit patterns.

How Do I Coach?

I usually coach my clients twice a month in 60-minute sessions in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide online or via phone. These sessions are conversational and action-oriented. I ask questions that will quickly help you identify your goals and the obstacles you need to overcome, as well as some of the hidden assets you didn’t realize you had. These sessions are aimed at helping you become aware of exactly what you want and how to get it—laying the groundwork for sustainable success by providing clear objectives and action steps.

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Are We Just Talking?

Part two of the challenge coaching practice is what I call “fieldwork.” Everything you have successfully reflected on during the sessions will be exercised in fieldwork before we talk again. It may mean overhauling your kitchen by replacing simple carbs, sugars, and fats with healthier options. It could mean keeping a daily diary to record when you feel the urge to go back to old habits and then logging how you successfully overcame it.

What Qualifies Me to Be Your Diet Challenge Coach?

Besides being an trained coach, I have 15 years of chasing comfort-zone-shattering experiences. As a TV host for international networks, I have a portfolio of challenge-for-change accomplishments—all well documented in books and shows such as How to Travel the World for Free (PBS), How to Barter for Paradise (ZDF), and 50 States of Wigge. Despite living this crazy lifestyle of challenge, many years ago I successfully implemented my own healthy diet plan and have been able to maintain it, despite my hectic travel schedule.

Contact me today for a complimentary 20-minute diet plan consultation either in Boulder, Denver, or nationwide online or by phone! I look forward to exploring your unique challenge for change!

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