Be Happy

Are You Looking to Be More Happy?

Be happy! What a great expression. We all want to be happy and live a satisfied life, but life’s difficulties can sometimes cause temporary setbacks and derail our best intentions.

But there is always a solution if we are willing to make a change! When we decide to work on our challenges and leave our comfort zone, we take the first steps toward a happier future. A happy life is often connected to a high level of self-awareness, a robust inner experience, and a willingness to embrace change—and the realization that happiness requires the disciplined pursuit of what we most want.

Allow me to help you overcome obstacles and be happy as your personal challenge coach here locally in Boulder, Denver, or nationwide via Skype.

My Support as Your Challenge Coach

Many of us are afraid to take a close look into our emotional mirrors because we are afraid of what we might see. But I know from experience that this keeps us from growing—and from any real chance of experiencing a deep and abiding happiness.

It’s hard to make positive change clinging to a negative belief system. We think we are overwhelmed by everything around us, but the truth of the matter is we are underprepared.

Is it time to stop letting life happen to you and start choosing to be happy?

As your challenge coach, I will support you through two 60-minute sessions a month that will help you identify those negative emotions, belief systems, projections, and other obstacles that are keeping you from being your best self. These conversations are solution oriented, so that you can set your goals, build an action plan, and start overcoming the things that are keeping you from being happy.

Being happy also means leaving your comfort zone. In between your coaching sessions, I will assign what I call “fieldwork.” These are challenges for you to work on before we speak again, and what I consider to be at least 50% of your work toward change.

Fieldwork comes out of what we discover through our conversation-based sessions. It might mean you need to begin challenging a belief system that is holding you back by overwriting negative thoughts with positive ones. It might mean confronting your fear of rejection and realizing it has no control over you. Regardless, fieldwork will create challenges that force you out of your comfort zone and help you discover what really causes you to be happy.

Feel free to contact me for a complementary 20-minute consultation. I coach in Boulder, Denver, and nationwide via Skype.

Happiness isn’t something you stumble across as you walk down the street. You have to work for it, and for that you need the right plan—you need the right map and the right provisions if you are going to make it to the summit of your dreams. As a challenge coach, I’ve helped thousands on the same journey—I know I can help you too.

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My Background

I have been working as a challenge coach, speaker, and travel TV host for over 15 years, constantly challenging the barrier of my comfort zone to build the life I want. In my shows I have traveled the world without money, bartered an apple with a bite out of it for a house in Hawaii, and other crazy stunts that tested my limits—all while chasing my goals, living my dreams, and becoming the person I want to be. I know I can help you do the same.

Contact me today for a complementary 20-minute consultation in Boulder, Denver, or nationwide via Skype.

Challenge for Change in Boulder, Denver and nationwide. Yours, Michael Wigge

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