3 Incredible Keys to Find Your Dream Job

A Success Strategy for Employees & Employers

Our happiness often depends on how happy we are in our professional lives. People who love their work, tend to be happier in their relationships and are more productive in their careers. Throughout the endless options, one question remains: ‘But …how to find it?’

Award-winning career coach, German, and Tonight Show guest Michael Wigge is an exceptional personality and an outstanding, authentic speaker. In a rousing speech he shares vivid insights on how to find your dream job. With highly entertaining examples, he also shares with us a lifetime  of incredible jobs: Comedian for MTV, travel writer who traveled 80 countries, and TV host in Germany with outstanding projects like How to Travel the World for Free and How to Barter for Paradise. Through astonishing stories about his own professional experiences, audiences of students, high-achieving individuals and even top-level decision makers will learn that everyone can obtain his or her dream job.

Wigge has always had dream jobs, turning his passion into a profession, even starting his own niche like working as a travel-challenge TV personality. Things looked very different in early the early part of Wigge’s life, he had never been a good student in highschool, and he had never really found his interests and passions. Wigge was not inspired by much at all.

Luckily this changed when Wigge turned 20 and had a one-year stay in California. ‘This part of the world inspired me to go for what I want’. He never felt this way when growing up on the countryside of Germany. After this inspiring moment, Wigge’s life completely changed for the good.

In his rousing speech, he describes the importance of passion, vision, belief system, life purpose, and finding the right set of life values to live your dream job.

Everybody can find and live his dream job if he actively decides to go for it’.

Thinking Beyond Usual Structures Will Encourage Innovativeness.

In a fun, interactive speech, challenge seeker Michael Wigge explains the process of developing a passion for something and to turn that into a profession. He even goes further to say that everyone can develop his or her own profession by finding the right niche.

During his speech, Wigge provides the know-how to motivate audience members to achieve their work related dreams, go for ambitious goals in their company and to use their own talents more effectively. He shows audience members the art of exploring professional alternatives with their cooperation.

That project was a true dream job

Speech content

  • A thrilling overview of Michael’s most unusual and successful projects like ‘How to Travel the World for Free’ and ‘How to Barter for Paradise’
  • Insight into thinking outside the box to find the right job
  • Exploring passion, belief systems, strength, personality, and purpose.
  • How can creative ideas start innovations in developing new business models or areas?
  • Why is thinking ′outside the box′ for companies and individuals so crucial today?
  • How can satisfied employees make a company succeed?
  • The 3 key strategies to find the right job
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