5 Easy Steps from Fear & Stress to Happiness

A Keynote on How to Challenge Yourself for Personal Change

Wigge, an award-winning and internationally recognized traveler of German descent and certified challenge coach, journeyed 25,000 miles in his experiment ‘How to Travel the World for Free’, without a penny in his pocket. He had to overcome his own fears to survive each day, reaching out to others for free food, free travel, and free accommodation. But PBS producer and Tonight Show guest Wigge has not always had these skills. Fear, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and even stuttering were large parts of his childhood. His ‘self-therapy’:

To Overcome Stress & Fear, You Have To Go Through It, Not Around It!

This means that Wigge always tries to leave his comfort zone. He explains how he started this strategy with his childhood game ‘Ring the Bell’ in his TED talk. This was followed by his incredible How-To projects in later life. Wigge’s strategy is to accept and deliberately confront all weaknesses.

According to Wigge, ‘The ability to better understand others opens up new perspectives and this builds character and helps people accept the weakness of others.’

This attitude leads to unusual solutions and goal oriented results; it even opens doors for a more fulfilling life. The lively speech of challenge seeker Michael Wigge has an intentionally personal note, his aim is to inspire his audience to go for new and unknown paths in life: ‘Only those who are ready to constantly push their own bounderies will have long-term success.’ Be brave! His 5 steps show how easy it can be for everyone to turn stress & fear into a happy and fulfilling life.

TEDex Talk – Overcoming Fear

Wigge describes in detail the importance of gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, and love & kindness for a truly happy life. He also explains how several meditation practices have completely changed his life and strengthened these qualities in his personality.

Finally, Wigge closes his inspiring speech by attributing his success to connecting to a positive belief system, clear life purpose, the right set of values & visions, and passion to his success. These aspects have played a key role in facing incredible challenges in the international TV market.

Wigge overcame his fear facing this challenge

Speech contents

  • Overview of Wigge’s fearful & stressful childhood
  • Wigge’s challenges like ‘How to Travel the World for Free’
  • Personal development to understand weaknesses and mistakes of others
  • Personal growth to handle rejection and failure
  • Creation of 5 step mental fitness training to build self-confidence, trust, and to overcome fear
  • Passion, purpose, vision, beliefs, and values for a happy life
  • Intro to meditation practices
  • Gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, love & kindness
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