How to Travel the World for Free

A Keynote on Goal Setting for Incredible Results

‘We should do it, but…’ or ‘Maybe we could, someday…’ are two phrases often said. But then, everything remains the same. Dreams and wishes are sometimes considered unachievable targets.

Funny travel speaker and award-winning author of German descent Michael Wigge easily transforms his visions into reality. Internationally recognized, Wigge traveled without a single penny to his name to the end of the world; a total of 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica.

Each day on the road, Michael came up with creative solutions to create opportunities for cost-free food, accommodations, and transportation. He worked as a butler for an ambassador in Panama, couch surfed in the homes of strangers and, to money, he performed with hand puppets or offered amusing services for a small fee, like pillow fighting.

Tonight Show guest & funny travel speaker Michael Wigge entertains the audience with his outrageous and incredible stories. He shows that it can be truly fun to strive for any goals. The sky is the limit and even that can be reached, Michael says, and with an open mind for new adventures, incredible results are almost always the outcome. Without a doubt, innovative thinking, positive impact and competitive advantages will enrich your life.

Is it worth the struggle?

Courage and persistence are required, as well as being unconventional and sometimes even a little crazy enough to bring dreams to life. As an expert in applied creativity and his humorous, practical way – Michael Wigge shows that the pay-off for acting on a vision can be enormous. His investment for another breath-taking rollercoaster ride around the world, ′How to Barter for Paradise′, was just an apple. After making spectacular deals all over the planet, he finally made his dream of a house in Hawaii come true.

The essentials for any goal: have the right foundational structure in mind. Wigge learned as an  MTV reporter to reliably access the extraordinary through lateral thinking: he was ultimately able to make the legendary appearance with Katy Perry on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Michael is convinced that everybody can turn their wishes into reality even at first they seem impossible. Drawing from his proven track record, he explains his experiences and philosophies in his halarious keynote speech. Finally, this new knowledge can be directly applied to daily life. The speech rings true to Michael’s motto: Everything is possible!

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  • Travel speaker describes his trip to over 25,000 miles around the world with video segments and images.
  • How to win over others with positive attitude and a good sense of humor to support yourself and work towards your dreams.
  • How to muster up the courage to make the first decisive step towards a goal.
  • How to bring your visions to through endurance and persistence.
  • Important tips and tricks for successful self-motivation
  • Everything is possible – the only requirement: Know your passion!
  • Humorous motivational speech
  • Boulder and Denver, Colorado, nationwide bookings welcome
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